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/ Wednesday, October 27, 2010
SMOOVE PRODUCTIONS and ACSI together proudly present:

Feat The Tribe
“The Style Hunters Edition”
21st November 2010
Doors open at 7pm till late

Vaunt V “The Style Hunters Edition”

Helming from an illustrious era of producing Singapore’s Youth Fashion Designers Awards, Vaunt V returns for its fifth installment this 2010 with an additional twist! We are going the TV style! And ending it off with our
huge-ass fashion party this 21st November 2010 at Asia’s Number 1 Club, Zouk, Phuture and Velvet!

Come 21st November 2010, for 01 night only, watch Asia’s largest, most premium and most respected club, Zouk and Phuture transform into an electrifying fashion arena as us,
people from all races, all religions, all color and of course, all styles gather to watch a beautifully crafted out Fashion Competition happening this 21st November 2010

16 beautiful, spirited, and salacious young ladies will vie for the coveted title of Vaunt V’s Elite Model, claiming supremacy, distinction and an unrivaled status of Singapore’s youngest runway darling. Watch as the runway
burn up at

Ft The Tribe
“The Style Hunters Edition”
21st November 2010
Zouk, Phuture
The winner of the modeling competition will walk home with a trip to the Fashion City of The United States of America, New York New York!

The theme for the fashion designers this year will be helmed by a newly formed underground label of an entourage of 5 young artists, THE TRIBE. Spanning from a musician, to an actress, to a fashion designer, stylist
and photographer to lastly a fine art painter, we trust that VAUNT V this 2010 will be one that will indeed open up your eyes to art and fashion, and definitely take your breath again.

VAUNT V’s theme for 2010 is “THE STYLE HUNTER EDITION” and we have heard that we are going THE SAFARI AND LEATHER WAY! Expect to see flesh and of course, lots of flash as you watch our 16 models being clad by
Singapore’s youngest and most aspiring creative collective, THE TRIBE.

VAUNT V 2010 will also be hosted by the ever beautiful Sherri Ashlee and alongside with her, a mysterious fashionable celebrity from TV. Catch special celebrity guest performances and appearances by members of the
prestigious Fashion Industry Family in Singapore.

VAUNT V is also proud to partner Singapore’s Number 1 Media Channel, clicknetwork.tv to give you the lowdown of all the hot piping information about the 16 girls as they learn to live, work, play, model and of course bitch together. So keep your eyes on clicknetwork.tv. 1st clip rolls out this 5th November 2010!

VAUNT V is definitely burning up the stage this 2010!
We promise non stop R&B Hip Hop Electropop music after the Fashion Event

In Zouk
Singapore’s Top and Very Cute R&B DJ Eclipse
Singapore’s youngest and extremely talented DJ Chris Bader Ft MC SOF – everyone’s party man

And at Phuture spinning Electropop, House and Hip Hop all night long
DJ Dewdropzz with his wicked remixes

**More DJ Performances coming up your way

We will definitely have everyone in the house windin’ and grindin’, high on love feeling like a top model, having a GREAT HELLUVA night!

And once again, VAUNT V “The Style Hunters Edition” will unveil itself at Singapore’s BIGGEST and most bad- ass club, ZOUK. ZOUK has been the strongest perpetuator since 1991, reinventing and setting trends within
the local scene. ZOUK is an International icon with its philosophical grinding rituals, trademark dj-ing styles and most importantly, its membership criteria / the need to party HARD.

With that, we cordially invite you and your partner to

The Fifth Installment of Singapore’s Young Fashion Designers and Models Awards


It’s been a grand 05 years of good loving, great entertainment and exhilarating music.
And so we say.

With Love
Smoove Productions
“Get Smoove or Die Tryin”


SMOOVE" is the new brainchild from the founders of The Party Box.Since 2009, SMOOVE concentrates on the Small and Medium satellite Music and Dance events to increase the social and partying network of the young people in Singapore. "SMOOVE" is also in the midst of training young talents in Singapore in the field of DJing, Dance and MC-ing.

The objective then was to provide for relevant and effective platforms to engage the nearly inaccessible and highly apathetic local youth community of about 546,000. And to grow the largest, most effective, savviest and most sought after privately held youth movement in Singapore. Till date, SMOOVE LLP has an active collected database of about 60,000 via events and online platforms.

Since 2009, SMOOVE LLP has been trying to engage youths by providing independent working platforms in the various fields of:

a. Music and Dance
b. Arts and Culture
c. Lifestyle
d. Sports
e. Technology
f. Social and Community Affairs

From which, we have found out that it is still most effective to engage large masses of youths via the Music and Dance sector.


Watch us provide insights and gossip to the world of Fashion and Runway Modeling as we watch the Vaunt models live, play, model and of course, bitch together in a 3 part mini series hosted by our favorite media
channel of all time, Clicknetwork.tv.

16 girls will compete for the coveted title of Vaunt V Elite model, winning herself a modeling contract with a

Top Notch Modeling Agency in Asia, a channel/show of your own supported by Clicknetwork.tv and a pair of return tickets to the fashion city of The United States of America, New York, New York! Life couldn’t get better than this!

For the full range of gossip, backstabbing and bitchiness, visit www.clicknetwork.tv for more updates


Launching a new coveted elite Spring collection spearheaded by 5 young, opinionated and design forward individuals from one of the top design and art institutes in Asia, Lasalle. They will take charge of dressing
up the models and making their statement collectively as young fashion designers at VAUNT on the 21st of November 2010. Join us as we celebrate a night of inhibited expression of senses, colours and contours!

Combining this new Spring collection of Safari-leather proportions and exotically charged silhouettes from our runway specialists, it is a statement of Smoove’s pursuit for transcendence and domination over
Singapore’s youth fashion industry.

now that you are gone.
5:49 PM


/ Tuesday, March 3, 2009
Inter X-country Ce Cw CC
Just completed another 4.3km
Got position 79. SUCKS!

Shoe dam muddy and wet

After that went home (:

now that you are gone.
8:51 PM


/ Thursday, February 26, 2009
dam, i am so lucky man, i wan to thank teacher. yu jia and sam for giving me a chance to row even though i did not pass my test!

now that you are gone.
9:35 PM


/ Thursday, February 12, 2009

Completed 4.2km run! got position 22 not bad la haha

After the run, Jon, wenyong and me went to cs to eat, after eating when to world of sports. Both of them spent S$89 lol!

They heart pain

now that you are gone.
3:42 PM


/ Tuesday, February 10, 2009
SO fast! Tomorrow test for db! havnet train enough

Hope i pass so can go sea training.

Fail liao.. LOL

now that you are gone.
11:04 PM


/ Tuesday, January 20, 2009
OK i din post for quite some time? Went for DB training 4 times already. FUN but tough haha. i Need to go gym more often. i cant even do 10 pull ups cause of the aching. Yesterday monday training, i sprint and sprain my thigh. Rest awhile and continued training. Bastard gerald keep disturb me haha.

So i gonna train hard for db. yea

now that you are gone.
6:43 PM


/ Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Was sick in the past few days... TRY NOT TO PLAY ANY MORE GAMES... I Got posted at simei ITE Electrical Technology. Yesterday acommpany swee san to his course interview, he pass his interview!!! Really nothing is impossible =D. Than sweesan and hong an came to my house.. Played GTA 4 and dota. lol. skype with long than we played dota ahha.

Hope they wont test the colour blind test.

now that you are gone.
12:11 PM